Cannabis Products On Amazon

Cannabis Products On Amazon

Whether you’re totally new to Affiliate Marketing or an old pro, you’ve probably heard of Amazon’s affiliate program – Amazon Associates.

Amazon has one of the oldest affiliate marketing programs (it’s been around for over 23 years!).  It’s a pretty straightforward system, with some incredible possibilities for affiliate marketers. Here’s a super quick example:

  1. You own a blog, where you write reviews of various CBD beauty products – let’s say CBD infused body lotion.
  2. You sign up to be an Amazon Associate.
  3. At the end of your latest review, you add a link to the CBD body lotion on Amazon.
  4. You post the blog, your readers see the link, click it and purchase! Boom – you just made a commission on that sale.

Now, you won’t find cannabis for sale on Amazon. But you will find literally thousands of other cannabis related products. Everything from t-shirts to rolling trays or bongs, pillows, and even coloring books. If you’re an affiliate interested in breaking into the cannabis niche, Amazon is a goldmine. Let’s take a look at some of the viable categories of cannabis products on Amazon that you may want to promote on your various affiliate properties.

Cannabis Products On Amazon

The four big categories we’re going to dive into are: Clothing, Books, Smoking Accessories and Home Goods.

1. Clothing

While it may not apply to a huge audience, there are plenty of people who are out and proud about their cannabis use. Taking a look at the clothing category on Amazon and adding “cannabis” or “marijuana” to your search, will give you a better idea of just how many apparel options there are that feature cannabis themes. Just to name a few:
Socks, Earrings, Bikinis, Beanies, and obviously, T-Shirts.

2. Books

Amazon is the biggest bookstore on the planet. And there are over 10,000 titles related to weed on their site. Cookbooks for cannabis infused recipes, how to guides for growers, reference guides for identifying strains, and even business books! Even if your audience isn’t totally cannabis focused, you can most likely find a cannabis focused book on Amazon that still applies to your niche. Here are a few of my favorites:

3. Smoking Accessories

Ok, this one may have been a little obvious. Amazon carries everything a person might need (other than the bud) to consume cannabis. No, seriously. From lighters and hemp wicks, to rolling papers, rolling trays, cones, grinders, carriers, pipes, bongs, vaporizers – even air filters so your smoke doesn’t bother other people!

4. Home Goods

Take a look at the stuff around you right now. Now, imagine that all of that stuff was covered in cannabis leaves. …I don’t really have a point for that exercise, but I hope it was fun. You can find pretty much any home good item on Amazon, and you can almost certainly find that same home good with a cannabis themed design. Even if they seem silly to you, there is absolutely an audience that’s interested in exactly that. Here are a few to get you brainstorming:

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