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5 Interesting Cannabis Social Media Influencers

I think it’s incredible that we live in a world where being a social media influencer is a viable gig for anyone with a phone. Add on top of that the option to do it while smoking weed? Stunning! In this article we’re going to be taking a look at five successful cannabis influencers from influence.co – one of the biggest influencer marketplaces out there.  

Real quick – what is a social media influencer? Basically, someone with a strong social media audience who leverages their personal brand to promote products, events, or other brands. The title is pretty literal – they influence people who see their posts into buying something or clicking a link or entering a contest, etc.

Here are 5 Cannabis Social Media Influencers:

1. Dr. Michele Ross

Dr. Ross is a badass. She’s a neuroscientist and health coach, and her website sums up what she does very nicely, “I teach healthcare professionals, nonprofits, and patients with chronic illness how to use cannabis to not only survive, but thrive!”. She’s worked with brands like Bose, truBrain and a bunch of Cannabis and CBD companies. Check out her media kit here.

Important Stats:

12.6K Instagram Followers

9.9K Facebook Followers

79K Twitter Followers

Weed Empires Dr. Michele Ross

2. Alissa Brunelli

Alissa is an incredible photographer. Maxim magazine profiled her in a piece titled “Meet the woman taking some of the sexiest photos on the internet”. As if we weren’t already jealous, she’s worked with some freaking cool brands too: Suicide Girls, Smoke Cartel and Hex Appeal just to name a few.

Important Stats:

205K  Instagram Followers

20.3K Facebook Followers

18.7K Twitter Followers

Weed Empires Alissa Brunelli

3. Chrissy Calain

From the looks of her Instagram feed, Chrissy Calain is crushing life. Trying new weed products? Yup! Promoting delicious looking ice creams? YUP! Spreading the CBD love? You bet! Even with just 20K Instagram followers, Chrissy can charge rates of $100+ per post.

Important Stats:

20.2K Instagram Followers

1K Twitter Followers

Weed Empires Chrissy Calain

4. Brittany Tatiana

A quick glance at her feed might lead you to believe that Brittany is strictly a wellness and beauty model. But take a closer look and you’ll see that she’s actually got lots of posts about taking smoke breaks between yoga sessions! She’s worked with some incredible brands too – including High Times Magazine!

Important Stats:

13.7K Instagram Followers

1.8K Pinterest Followers

1.1K Twitter Followers

Weed Empires Brittany Tatiana

5. Oleg Zharsky

Oleg is a cannabis photographer, which is easily one of the coolest job titles ever. His Instagram feed is full of beautiful close up shots of different strains of cannabis. He’s worked with a huge list of cannabis brands and featured on stockpotimages.com

Important Stats:

31.5K Instagram Followers

1.3K Twitter Followers

Weed Empires Oleg Zharsky

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